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Terms and Conditions

We offer you relevant offer to apply for abroad studies. We also help you to find Colleges of your choice. We are supporting all our happy customers with every aspect. But there are some terms we want you to know about before enrolling Japanese Language & Computer Institute.

  1. You must have genuine educational background and documents.
  2. If we find any unnatural behavior in your character which leads us to suspect you, Japanese language Institute can terminate your process for abroad study anytime and may abandon you from this institute.
  3. Any student must not violate the rules and regulations of special Japanese language and computer institute.
  4. Students who wishes to apply abroad in Japan must not have applied before in Japan.
  5. If applied the student must inform Japanese Language and we Computer Institute before applying from this consultancy.
  6. If not informed before applying from this consultancy and found your previous application in another school, college, universities, vocational college, student will have to pay a huge fine for up to 1 to 10 Lakhs Nepalese Rupee.
  7. Student must not cancel his application after all the process is finished and the documents are submitted to the Immigration Bureaus of Japan.
  8. Students who have applied for COE and decided not to do further processing for VISA will have to pay a penalty for up to 120,000 Japanese Yen.
  9. The amount for the penalty is mentioned in Japanese Yen because that amount must pay by the consultancy to the concerned schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities of Japan.
  10. The amount of penalty varies by schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities of Japan.
  11. If the student has a strong and emotional reasons like death of his parents, accidents in his family and many such reasons the Japanese schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities may not take fine from them. But they must submit the Death Certificate, Hospital reports, recommendation letter from concerned ward office etc. to the consultancy.
  12. Determining the fine amount is totally comes under the decision made by the founder of this consultancies and teams.
  13. Student and his/her guardians must sign with their official signature an agreement paper before signing up with Japanese Language and Computer Institute and we as consultancy must write all the aforementioned terms and conditions already in that agreement.
  14. If not signed, we will cancel your request and will not process your documents for the application of COE.
  15. Students must not have any criminal history in any field.
  16. After reaching Japan the schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities will help you in initial preparations and registrations. Like: opening a bank account, creating your HANKO (Signature Stamp), Finding you a 4 hour per day Part Time Job, schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities guidelines and many more.
  17. Regarding the part time job that schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities have recommended you, must be done properly and regularly according the rules that the company have decided.
  18. If any act that violates the company rule like late coming to company, not following the rules of the company, any health issues that may hamper the business of that company and many other reasons may lead you to get fired also.
  19. And if you get fired then the schools, colleges, vocational colleges and universities will no longer support you to find another part time job.
  20. After documentation and issuance of COE we will hand over all of the documents except their Xerox copies, Japanese Language and computer institute will no longer be responsible for the any kind of documents.
  21. If any student didn’t show up to collect their document within 3 months we will not be responsible if the documents are lost.

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Changes to the Policy

We may amend this policy from time to time. All changes will be posted on this page. We advise that you review this page regularly if you would like to keep track of the changes. This policy is effective from 01 January 2018.

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