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Pigeon Int'L Education Center Pvt. Ltd. is best language institute in chitwan Studying abroad in Japan is a learning experience for Nepalese student; especially those studying science, technology, finance or industrial design are of interest to you.

Why Study in Japan?

Japan is an incredibly diverse country with an education system that rivals the West in terms of quality and research output. Not only is Japan highly developed in technological and educational terms, it’s also a beautiful, vibrant country that anyone would enjoy living in.

Japan is one of the World’s most exciting countries and has created a good reputation in the world of education and now it is regarded as the most ideal country for higher education. It has the third largest budget in the world in research and development and is education friendly country that provides education in every possible manner without discrimination of caste and creeds.

The Japanese education system is incredibly advanced, and the government is focused on encouraging high-quality higher education for everyone; foreign students alike Nepal.

There are many good reasons to study in Japan.  Japan’s high educational standards attracts Some students ,while for others the attraction is Japan’s rich cultural heritage


·      January- 15 months of course

·      April -2 years of course

·       July - 21 months course

·       October -18 months course

(Schools in Japan remain close on every Saturday and Sunday)

Weekly class hours:

Total 20 hours per week class

Holiday and vacation:

Saturday and Sunday is off. There is vacation, yearly in every six months, at that time students are allowed to work full time.

Part time job allowed:

28 hours per week part time job is allowed for the students. Most of the students work 28 hours per week in a company.


Future Prospects

The education achieved in Japan is recognized and valid worldwide. Students can look for prestigious job in Japan. There is no disparity of color, cast, nationalities, ethnicity and any. Society is crime free and they give high honor to the working culture and hardworking people. Health facilities are of world class standard. All Nepalese students can use the facilities. You will feel proud to have the opportunities to study in Japan.


Foreign students are highly appreciated and are encouraged to study and settle there in Japan. There is no disparity in the wages and facilities between foreigners and natives. Students can registered in insurance and enjoy the facilities.


Japanese language is the official and widely followed means of communication. Japanese are especially proud of theirs’ language and culture, and want the foreigners to communicate in Japanese language. As such, strong command on Japanese language is one of the most surest and reliable means to achieve success in Japan. So, the first and foremost challenge is to own a command on Japanese language. Besides, the alien culture and strict working culture might make you bored and frustrated. As we are born in a society where business culture and right timing is not valid up to the standard. So you need to have the proficiency in language. The culture is also completely new for us. Frequently you will experience the earthquake but since there is frequent earthquake, they have managed every way out to cope up it. You need not have to be worried.


·         Many Nepalese students upon the successful completion of language courses and classes have been awarded with permanent residence (PR) and are living a prosperous and secure life, equivalent to native Japanese. There are lots of opportunities but you need to have patience, devotion, education. You can easily settle in Japan, should you follow every system in Japan and struggle tirelessly in life.

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·         About Studying in Japan

·         Japanese education for you



·         Original SLC Mark Sheet & Character

·         Original +2 Transcript & Character

·         Original Bachelors  Transcript & Character

·         NAT/ GNK Test Certificate (Not Necessary)

·         Minimum Japanese Language Learning Hour 225 Hours Certificate from required institution

·         If he/she running the bachelor level it mention the collage recommendation paper.

·         If he/she gaping the education it mention the gaping letter

·         Original Passport

·         Photo 3*4 Cm (10 Pc)

·         SOP

·         Other documents may be required


·         Relationship Verification Certificate

·         Annual income Sources certificate for 3 years

·         If he/she verified income sources feom Business, it mention the Business register & VAT or PAN

·         Tax paid Certificate Now Till Date

·         Bank Balance certificate & 3 Years Statement

·         Occupation Verification

·         Birth Verification

Other supported documents to prove how the income generated



Name of School/University


Name of School/University






Tokyo Institute For Japanese Language

Sinzuko Station, Tokyo

Jan/April/July & Oct



East Wet Japanse Language

Sinzuko Station, Tokyo

Apirl & October



Collage of Futaba Foreign Language

Chiba, Station

Jan/April/July & Oct



UNITAS Japanese Language University

Tokyo & Kofu

Apirl & October



Fuji Language


Jan/April/July & Oct



International Foregion Language School

Akihabara Station Tokyo

Jan/April/July & Oct



Sendai Educational Academy


Jan/April/July & Oct



Teikyo University


Jan/April/July & Oct



Meisei Institute of Cybernetics


Jan/April/July & Oct




























Education Subclass