Pigeon Intl Fees:

Our charges are fair and reasonable and in tune with market demand. We charge on the basis of what the market is charging for similar services and have structured our fees accordingly.

We charge fees for immigration visa processing that are in keeping with Industry standards. The general nature of fees is agreed in advance with the final fee depending on case complexity and the type of visa processing required by our clients. Generally, a partial payment is due with the Retainer Agreement before any work can begin. The balance is paid in instalments at each step of the application process.

We review each case on their own merits, separately and individually, to consider clients specific situations when determining the consulting fee.

Note:Our fees do not include any of the processing fees payable to the Australian High Commission, Qualifications assessment By Professional bodies, Medical, English Test expenses etc.

Government Fees:

Certain types of Fees must be payable by applicants directly to the Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship for processing of various types of applications. Fees that are payable to the Australian government can be found by Click Here.

Payment Details:

  • Over the phone via debit or credit card
    (Please note: you will have to provide an authorisation via email

    E.g. I Authorise Pigeon Intl Migration and Education Consultants to deduct $__ + 2% Surcharge from my credit card ending with 4564.)
  • You may pay by Cash in Person at either of our Australian Offices
  • You may pay by Effpos via Credit Card or Debit card.
    (Credit Card will incur +2% Service charge)
  • Wire Transfer / Bank to Bank Account Transfer/ Cash deposit to the following account:

How To Make Payments?

The mode of payment can be made in a variety of ways depending on your convenience. An applicant can pay through the following means


Pigeon Intl Office: Kathmandu Nepal
Account Name: Pigeon Intl Consultancy